Spa Service

Here are Suffolk Hot Tubs we provide a complete Spa Service solution to take the hassle out of keeping your Hot Tub in good working order.

Our Spa Service includes: 

  • Full hot tub service – deep clean
  • Suffolk Hot Tubs recommend a full service once a year, this will remove dirt and debris, commonly referred to as bio-film that contains parasites, viruses, bacteria and mould. Draining and re-filling your hot tub will not tackle the build up of contaminants within your pipe work. This will give you peace of mind that everything is tested and working as it should.
  • Complete hot tub flush – Bio-film eliminator flush
  • Recommend filter replacement (extra cost) (Clean old filter for spare)
  • Empty entire hot tub – full drain down, wet vac and clean shell
  • Full inspection of components, pump, blowers etc
  • All plumbing unions – checked and tightened
  • Hot tub refilled with fresh water
  • Spa shock water treatment
  • Hot tub started and all pumps up and running and all tested
  • Inspect cover and apply vinyl protector
  • Test water smart digital water testing – results sent to customer
  • Service report completed and report to customer