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RotoSpa Orbis

The Orbis is a new spa from RotoSpa, the UK’s only spa manufacturer.

  • Seats four adults, ideal for your first step into the relaxing world of hot tubs
  • Light enough to be moved easily by two people
  • Hard wearing attractive finish
  • Comes complete with revolutionary energy efficient hybrid pump giving on-demand heat with minimal costs
  • Energy efficient electronics and environmentally friendly with one of the smallest carbon footprints available

from £239 per weekend
or from £299 per week

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RotoSpa Orbis Hot Tub Hire

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the hire include setup and delivery?

    Yes, we arrive at arranged time and will set up and fill hot tub. You will be shown how to use hot tub and given all information. After hire we arrive and drain down hot tub and pack away.

  • How much water do the hot tubs hold?

    Our hot tubs will hold approximately 850 litres.

  • What access/areas do I need for the Hot Tubs?

    The Orbis is rolled into place and needs a clear run to site with a width of 74cm, height 1.8 metres. It requires a flat level surface, 2 metres across, with water and electric point nearby.

  • How long does it take for the hot tub to heat up?

    On first use the hot tub will take approximately 15 hours to heat up and reach operating temperature, depending on the weather conditions.

  • Do you need to shower before using a Hot Tub?

    Yes you do. This will keep the water clean so you can enjoy the experience. Not rinsing off before entering a hot tub can lead to sweat, oils, soaps, and more getting into the water, leaving a film on the water and potentially clogging up the filters or jets.

  • How many people can fit into the Hot Tubs you supply for Hire?

    The Orbis can seat up to 5-6 people. 

  • How are your Hire Hot Tubs cleaned?

    After every hire they are deep cleaned and filters replaced. During the hire we have a chlorine dispenser to sanitise the water.