Terms & Conditions

  • Sales Terms & Conditions
  • Hire Terms & Conditions
  • Definitions

    Suffolk Hot Tubs means Suffolk Hot Tubs Ltd.

    “Goods means any goods (including any parts or parts of them) agreed in the contract to be supplied to the purchaser by Suffolk Hot Tubs (product-category/hot tub/swim spa).
    “Premises” means the premises to which any goods are to be delivered to.

    “work or works” means the installation of hot tub/swim spa or services (if any) as agreed to be provided by Suffolk Hot Tubs to the purchaser as specified in the customer order confirmation (email, text or verbal).


    All terms of contract between the purchaser and Suffolk Hot Tubs (“the contract”) are contained in this document. The contact will be commenced when we notify you of acceptance of your order. No variation of the contract shall have effect unless agreed in writing by Suffolk Hot Tubs. These terms and conditions override any conditions stipulated by the buyer unless the others are expressly accepted by the seller, in writing.
    The placing of a sales order with the seller is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions by the buyer.

    The Seller

    Reserves the right to charge for any remedial work, resulting from works that have been undertaken for or behalf of the buyer that may be necessary to provisional the delivery or installation of the goods to the buyer immediately if required upon delivery.


    Prices charged are those agreed at the time of the contract. In the event of any price alterations required by the buyer to specification, quantity, place or date of delivery, the seller is entitled to vary the price.


    All orders require a minimum of 10% deposit, unless agreed in writing on this contract, or as part of a special offer. Special orders as deemed by the seller require 20% deposit.
    Payments must be cleared 7 working days prior to delivery of goods.

    Deposits are non refundable unless agreed in writing. Any such agreement will be subject to a charge reflecting any costs incurred by the seller in the course of making a refund.

    Refunds are subject to 10% of the invoice plus and administration fee of £50, subject to the sellers discretion.

    Any deposits or payments can be held in part or in full by the seller in aid to recover associated costs as assessed by the seller.


    Final payment is required a minimum of 1 week prior to delivery or booking in delivery, whichever comes first. Special orders require payment when booking in delivery.

    Payments must be by cash, bankers draft, cheque, bank transfer, credit or debit card.

    Liability and cost for any damage and/or alteration to goods following delivery of the installation site is the buyers responsibility.


    Title of the goods does not pass to the purchaser until full payment is made by cleared funds.

    Any time or day of delivery named is intended as an estimate only and is not the essence of the contract. Delivery times are an estimate and delays resulting from outside of Suffolk Hot Tubs control cannot be held liable.

    If any cause outside the sellers control, or any unforeseen contingency renders it impractical for the seller to execute any order or delivery, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order and to repay any deposit payment received, at the seller’s discretion.

    The seller shall not be liable to the buyer or any third party for loss, damage or alteration whether direct or indirect or consequential to any property, undertaking, or event caused by, arising from or connected with any delay in delivery of goods or failure to execute an order or delivery, or cancellation of the contract.

    In the event the buyer authorises access through adjacent properties for the sellers use during the delivery and installation, the buyer is required to obtain permission from the owner/s for such use and the buyer agrees to be responsible and accept the risks and liabilities thereof.

    The buyer is required at his/her expense to do all construction work and other acts necessary and to meet all conditions necessary to allow the installation of the goods. The buyer will direct the location of the goods and there shall be no liability on the part of the seller for incorrect location, or encroachment or interference thereby upon the property easements or rights of any other parties.

    Failure on the part of the buyer to ensure all preparations completed for goods installation for the agreed time and date can result in the seller returning the goods to the sellers premises and the seller reserves the right to make additional charges for any direct /indirect cost. If the buyer can not take delivery on the agreed date and informs us less than 72hr prior to installation there will be a rearrangement fee of £200.

    If the seller has to return to complete the install due to the incomplete electrics, water supply or access issues the seller will charge an additional call out fee depending on time and distance and will be arranged at the seller’s availability.

    The seller or his agents will not be held liable for any damages or injuries to goods, property or personnel arising from inadequate site preparation on the part of the buyer or his agents.

    Additional works

    Where the buyer has work under taken by others that is not provided for in this contract the seller does not guarantee nor shall be held responsible for such work.

    The seller is not responsible for providing any electrical connection service, unless specified in writing in the contract. The buyer is advised to use professional registered electrician and must ensure compliance with goods manufacturer’s electrical specifications. The seller reserves the right to charge administration costs in case of prolonged correspondence with third party contractors on the buyer’s behalf.

    Referrals from the seller are given as a courtesy only. The seller is not responsible for any conduct or service provide by these referrals.


    The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 right to cancel stock items bought online or telesales gives the buyer 14 days to cancel an order and ends 14 days after receiving the goods. A deduction will be made if the item has been used and not in its original packaging.

    For non-stock, special order items such as spa covers, bespoke colour hot tubs and swim spas that are made to order you have the right to cancel within 48hrs of placing your order and receiving your invoice.

    Special orders are all hot tubs/swim spas which are made to a specific colour combination as they are all made to order. Therefore the 14 day cooling off period for distance selling does not apply. All deposits are non-refundable after this period of 48hrs and the buyer is contractually bound to pay for the outstanding balance as detailed. Any non-payment will be sought through the small claims court.

    You must notify us in writing by letter or email that you wish to cancel the order. You must keep a copy of your invoice of cancellation. If we do not receive notice from you that you wish to cancel the order, then you are contractually bound to accept the order and you can not return the goods unless they are faulty.

    If an order is cancelled within 48hrs then you will be due a refund of any monies paid less any applicable administration fee. You will be contacted by phone or email to arrange refund and within 30 days of your cancellation.

    Returns policy

    Please inspect goods immediately upon delivery. If goods are faulty, missing or incorrect, you must advise us as soon as possible and within 7 days from the date of delivery.

    If you notice us of a problem with your goods, we will either make good or replace any goods found to be faulty.

    Where you the buyer has used or installed the goods, such use or installation shall be taken as conclusive evidence that you have accepted the goods notwithstanding that there is a defect in the quality or condition of the goods or that they may fail to correspond with their specification and you waive the right, in these circumstances to make any claim against the company.

    You must accept full responsibility for the suitability of the goods ordered for the purpose to which they are put before use. This not affect your statutory rights.

    If you change your mind about your order, we will only accept returns of stock items and conditions are met- it your responsibility to ensure goods are returned in appropriate packaging. If goods are not packaged or damaged it will not be possible to process your refund.

    Please ensure your hot tub filters are correct before removing any packaging as it will not be possible to exchange or refund for filters once packaging has been removed.

    If goods are not faulty you will be responsible for the cost to return the item to us. Please obtain proof of posting.


    Hot tubs/swim spas will not be accepted back for a return for refund once opened and or used due to hygiene reasons. Any issues must be dealt with under warranty by the authorized UK dealer/service center. Customers will need to provide a copy of the purchase invoice for any warranty issue to the UK dealer/service for whichever hot tub they own.

    Warranties are effective only if the buyer has complied with all terms and conditions. The buyer must follow are manufacturers written instructions.

    For all hot tub products, please note that failure to supply the recommended power will void the manufacturer warranty.

    Poor water balancing can cause high levels of PH or water hardness resulting in limescale build up on heaters, internal pipework, jets, pumps and shell, this is not covered under warranty.

    Freezing conditions can cause damage to your hot tubs components and pipework. If the hot tub is left unused and not winterized correctly, this is not covered by your warranty.
    Any headrests in any hot tub /swim spa are not covered under warranty.

    Operation and maintenance

    The manufacturer, seller, or his agent will not be held responsible for any consequences to the goods, property or person resulting from the buyers failure to comply with manufacturers operating and; or maintenance instructions.

    Site visits

    Charges are made by the seller to the buyer for call out visits other than an initial pre -purchase visit or installation visit.

    Insured goods

    All goods are at the risk of the purchaser from the time of delivery, excluding any loss or damage caused by Suffolk Hot Tubs negligence.


    The buyer shall grant access to, Suffolk Hot Tubs and employees, clear and unrestricted access to the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of installation and carrying out any work.

    It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide adequate water and electricity.


    Suffolk Hot Tubs will keep confidential information as required by law and then dispose of. Please see our privacy policy for full information.

  • Hire periods

    The full hire period is the dates as agreed with the supplier Suffolk Hot Tubs. The hot tub takes up to 24hr to get to temperature, this period is included in the dates.

    The contract comes into effect when you have agreed to go ahead with the hire and/or paid a deposit.


    Any damage to our hot tub or accessories upon collection will be charged at either the cost of repair or replacement supplied by the manufacturer. If the hot tub or item is beyond repair an insurance excess of £500 will be applicable.

    Your responsibility

    You must assist with delivery of the hot tub if specified.

    You must give clear instructions and take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our staff. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused.

    The access must be clear of any obstacles and fit through to the desired place. Please ring to discuss any measurements needed prior to agreeing to hire the hot tub. Please inform us of any steps, narrow passageways, or any issues. We provide a straight forward installation if for any reason we are unable to put the hot tub in place due to obstructions or space we will cancel the hire and the hirer will have to pay full cost. Any outstanding money will be sought through the small claims court.

    The hirer will supply water ie out side tap and electricity for the hire period. The electricity must be suitable and close proximity to where the hot tub is placed. Extension leads are not suitable.

    The hot tub will require a flat base; slabs, concrete of a firm standing. If you plan to use hot tub on grass, decking or pebbled areas you take full responsibility for any damages caused. If the pump fails as the hot tub is on an uneven base then any requests for a refund will not be upheld.

    The hirer will note any damage on set up and notify supplier at the time of delivery.

    Your responsibility commences when you receive the hot tub whether you are present or not.

    You will need a drain close by to empty hot tub at the end of the hire period.

    Please take extra care to prevent sharp objects near the hot tub, prevent people from jumping in or on the hot tub or cover.

    On agreed collection time you must provide access and electricity to pump out the water even if not present.


    You can cancel the hire up to 1 week before delivery time and your payment will be refunded in full. If you cancel after that a charge of £50 will be deducted from your deposit or claimed against you if a deposit wasn’t taken.


    The hirer acknowledges that the use of the hot tub is at the hirers own risk. Suffolk Hot Tubs will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries or deaths.

    Suffolk Hot Tubs will not be liable for any accidents, injuries or deaths arising from misuse of the hot tub, including falls on wet surfaces, medical conditions check with GP first, use of alcohol or drugs etc

    Pregnant ladies and children under 16 must not use hot tub or seek medical advice first.

    Safety instructions

    Everyone must shower before use of the hot tub.

    Removal of; fake tan, body oils, creams makeup and dirt before entering the hot tub. Failure to do this will cause the water to go cloudy, foam or green. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure water quality is kept, any call out for water quality and treatment will be charged at £50, this maybe next working day if informed after 5pm.

    Please read any instructions before use of the hot tub.

    Do not add any bubble bath or other substances to the water.

    Make sure anyone using the hot tub is instructed on its use.

    The hot tub will be set up at a set temperature and your supplier will inform you of this. Anything above 37c only use hot tub for 15 minutes at a time.

    Plastic glasses only near hot tub.

    Do not dive or jump in.

    Do not sit nor stand on the hot tub or cover.

    Only allow the maximum number of people in the hot tub at anyone time.

    Always leave hot tub plugged in and switched on when not in use. This is in order for the filtration/heating systems to work. If this accidentally switched off or a power failure occurs, the tub will need to be switched back on and reset as shown in the set up or ring for advice.

    You must replace the cover to retain the heat.

    Overuse of the jets will cause a drop in temperature, replace the thermal lid and leave to regain temperature do not adjust temperature on the hot tub.

    Use of chemicals

    Our hot tubs are thoroughly cleaned before after every use. We use detergent and antibacterial spray.

    You will have enough chemicals for your hire period and we will show you how to use them.

    Cleaning/water charge

    A cleaning charge of £25 or a filter charge of £25 may apply if, when Suffolk Hot Tubs inspects the hot tub on collection, we are dissatisfied with the cleanliness.

    A Water quality charge will be made for additional visit during the hire period if treatment is needed £50.

    Damages to your property

    Suffolk Hot Tubs will not be held liable for damages to your property through hiring any of our hot tubs; this includes any water damage or weight damage to structures, fixtures, fittings, garden or grass as a result of the hot tub location.

    If you are hiring not on your property you must have obtained consent from the owner and all responsibilities lies with the hirer.

    We do not recommend placing the hot tub indoors.

    Limits of our liability

    All times and dates we quote for delivery or collection of goods are approximate,
    we will not be liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control.

    If the hot tub breaks down or stops working we will determine the problem as soon as possible after you have reported it to us, and then try to rectify the problem. This maybe the next day depending on the time of the report.

    Suffolk Hot Tubs are not liable for any damage to the property or persons.

    The hirer is responsible to return the hot tub in the condition it was supplied in.

    The hirer must pay for any damage, the cost of replacing parts, stolen hot tubs. Suffolk Hot Tubs will provide you with an invoice and if you do not willingly pay with time stated on the invoice we will pursue a claim through the small claims court.

    Our right of access

    We may enter any land or premises where we have reason to believe the hot tub to be, on the agreed date and time of collection.

    Refund policy

    Any requests for refunds must be made in writing, stating date and reason for refund, the amount and original payment method. We will look at requests and aim to respond within 5 working days. Any agreed refunds will be paid to the original payment method either part or in full.

    No refund will be given for misuse or improper use of the hot tub.

    Any lost days of hire due to fault of the equipment or due to late delivery shall be compensated by either an extension of days or by partial refund as assessed by the Suffolk Hot Tubs.

    We reserve the right not to make any refunds unless collection and inspection of the equipment has been made first to determine where the fault lies. Upon this inspection we will correspond with the hirer within 48hr of collection and allow the hirer time to contest the decision.

    No refunds will be given when the fault has been reported late and led to Suffolk Hot Tubs not being able to rectify the problem or provide a remedy to continue the hire. This includes when the hirer is not present during installation, the fault is unknown and the hirer did not seek advice on heating instructions.

    General terms

    If any term within terms and conditions cannot be agreed to by the hirer then Suffolk Hot Tubs will not provide equipment.

    By hiring out hot tubs the hirer agrees to release Suffolk Hot Tubs and any of its employees from any and all liabilities incurred during the hire or use of the hot tub.

    On hiring the hot tub, you the hirer are agreeing to our terms and conditions and acknowledge that the use of the hot tub is at your own risk.

    The equipment remains the property of Suffolk Hot Tubs at all times and cannot be sub let.